Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Gery Carson and SFI - why I believe its a scam

Gery Carson seems to be quite slippery on google. He started SFI, and totes that you can make a six figure income. Checking the better business bureau, I found that he uses multiple company names:

Gery Carson uses the following company names in other states:
Carson Services Inc.
SFI Marketing Group
Strong Future International

Here is the better business beaureau report for SFI Marketing Group :

contains a warning. Also the search for Carson Services Inc. contains numerous complaints over the last couple years. Sure they may all have "company made good faith...." but that DOES NOT MEAN CUSTOMER WAS SATISFIED!!

Also found this info:

Genuine location of Carson Marketing Group
he Carson Marketing Group often uses the address 6036 Havelock Avenue, Lincoln, Nebraska but this is just a mail forwarding address. This "company" is a front for a fraudster called Billy C Carson based in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida area. If you search the Florida Division of Corporations website

(http://www.sunbiz.org - click online searches, click corporations)
under Officer /
Registered Agent Name list for "Carson, Billy" you will find six corporations registered in Florida by Carson including Carson Marketing Group (document no. P99000102219).

The Lincoln, Nebraska address is occupied by Carson Services Inc. run by Gery Carson. The similarity of names is neither a mistake nor a coincidence - we think that Billy and Gery Carson are related. (Furthermore a google search for "Carson Marketing Group" will bring up Gery Carson's websites)

As to Billy Carson's current whereabouts: if you search Yellower Pages (www.yellowerpages.com) in the White Pages category for "Carson Marketing Group, Florida" you get a residential address, 4459 Stone Ridge Way
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33331
and a phone number, 954-385-2820.

If you then select "Find by address" and re-enter the address you get Dean and Marlynn Lavender, tel. 954-888-4520. Whether Billy Carson is still here is uncertain, but this would be a good place to start looking.

George - Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Furthermore, a LAWSUIT was recently WON by an emailing company against BILLY CARSON. Is this the same billy carson? I believe it is. Look at this lawsuit, which was completed in April 2004. http://www.habeas.com/pressReleases/2004/carson.pdf

If you do a google search for Gery Carson or SFI Marketing Group and use the words SCAM or FRAUD, you will get dozens of hits for PRO-GERY websites. He has stacked google to make sure that people doing a search to find out about fraud will instead be directed at him!! This alone is enough to cause any rational person a warning

stacking google with pages that contain your business name coupled with the terms SCAMMED, SCAM, FRAUD, SCAMMER (and who knows what else) that only turn right around and promote your business is most certainly a devious attempt to circumvent honest customer relations. Sounds like Gery Carson has something to hide.

Furthermore, you will see the name "Charles Leslie" mentioned on numerous SFI promoting websites. This mystery person supposedly is one of the top successes of SFI, making 12,000 a month. He lives in the puget sound area (where I have lived my whole life) teaching at different colleges. Now, think with me here- you would THINK that one of the TOP SFI money makers would at LEAST have a website somewhere...?? Nope. You will not find a "charles leslie" website anywhere on Google- all you will find are promotional references to him. I did find a picture of him here. I found it quite odd that this so-called picture of Charles Leslie bore a strange familiarity to the picture of Gery Carson himself, at https://www.sfimg.com/Reference/AboutSFI.sfi> I'll let you be the judge. Well, I went to my local Seattle area phone book trying to find this Charles Leslie guy. The only Charles Leslie I could find was a "C Leslie Boyd". Wondering if the "C" stood for charles, I did some further research- and found out who this person is: (click below to see)


Gery claims his address is 6036 Havelock Avenue, Lincoln, NE 68507. Now we all know Nebraska is basically in the middle of nowhere. What a great place to "hide" a fraud. I would like to know if anyone reads this and is near Lincoln if you would be so kind as to submit a photo of what exactly lies at 6036 Havelock Avenue.

MY SUMMARY OPINION: Gery Carson is all about taking your money. Scamming you is of little consequence, so long as your money goes from YOU ---> CARSON